The Bridge - From Chaos to Crushing It



It feels like there are a million online business coaches, coaching coaches on how to get to 5 or 10K months.  

We see at least 5 posts a day in my Facebook feed promising to teach the secrets to help people in the online space reach the 5 figure months.  

And there are of course the heavyweights, the Kings and Queens of the online space that work with the top coaches to get them to SIX FIGURE months.  

Have you ever noticed that there is a whole MIDDLE AREA that nobody is talking about??  


The space where most people struggle and after repeated failed launches, and running out of money to stay afloat, coaching businesses GO TO DIE.  

What they don't tell you is that 5-10K months get you NOWHERE.  

It's almost impossible to build your business in that space and with that amount of revenue.  


Starting over from zero every month, with no steady income, trying to reach the elusive 5 figure month again is one of the most soul crushing, will breaking things EVER.  


And it SUCKED.  

And NOBODY was telling us how to get out of that place or how much money we ACTUALLY needed to make every month to finally feel SAFE, STABLE, SECURE and SUCCESSFUL.  

Nobody was teaching the tips and tricks to make it through the Bermuda Triangle of the online space.  

We would have paid A TRUCK LOAD of money for that information if someone had offered us something like that 6 months into our businesses.  

We had no idea what we was doing and we were making it all up as we went.  

We quickly started realizing that most of the people in the online space were in the same boat as us...even though they pretended to be doing AMAZING.  

Which was perhaps why NOBODY was talking about these issues.  

THANK GODDESS we made it through to the other side...but not before it put an enormous strains on our bank accounts, psyches, families and marriages.  


  So here's the took us way too long to move through the black hole.  

We learned a whole lot along the way.  

We think reinventing the wheel is a waste of time.  

We want to tell you all our secrets (which we aren't really keeping secret, it's just that we haven't told anyone but each other yet)  

We want to help you get through the black hole in a couple of MONTHS instead of a couple of years.  

We decided to do this program and give all our tips and tricks, be completely transparent about what we went through and how we made it to the other side and answer ALL THE QUESTIONS that nobody else will.  

Systems (what you need, what you don't) Recurring revenue Mindset Consistency Intuition Connection Community Collaboration Transparency Authenticity Ethics Polairty Desires Building a team  

And this is just some of what we are going to be covering!  


 It’s the dirty details that so many gloss over, don’t want to admit, or just flat out don’t know. 

It’s meant to take you from the CHAOS of first getting started and feeling like there’s a hundred things you just HAVE to make sure you’re doing to a place where you’re ACTUALLY CRUSHING IT in life and business by showing you the truth. 

What makes the difference and what’s fluff. 

What’s really needed and what’s bullshit that you don’t need to waste your time and money on (yet so many are preaching that you have to do it).  

The feeling of fun and flow is WAY better that sinking and struggling. 

It’s time to bridge the gap and give you the real truth about how it’s done.


  • Weekly content with Leah or Kelly
  • 2 Q&A Calls with Leah AND Kelly
  • Links to all the systems we use
  • Links to all the products we use
  • Dscounts on the programs/courses WE personally participate in



 If your future self could talk to you now, what would they want you to know? How much is it worth to you to live the life of your dreams?

It doesn't need to be a struggle.

You are worth it! THIS is the step you take NOW to achieve the life of your dreams.  

1 payment of $1555 ($1222 until 8/12)

3 payments of $744 ($599 until 8/12)

6 payments of $377 ($303 until 8/12)


We just decided to add a VIP option.

Get TWO, 2 hour 1:1 coaching/mentorhip/guidance calls with Leah & Kelly at the same time helping you with whatever you need for an additional $2000!

I'm Leah Steele. I am a Spiral Practitioner, mentor, guide and a soul purpose activator. I am mother. I am a wife. I am a woman just like you. I live for my purpose. I curse like a sailor. I am real. I am authentic. I am definitely not for everyone, but If I do resonate with you and you are ready to radically and magically change your life, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!  

I am on a mission to empower millions of women to live authentically, rediscover their soul's purpose and passions, and step fully into their purpose work. I work with women deeply committed to finding their purpose who feel that they have a calling to create great impact in the world.  

I am passionate about helping women discover their unique individual spiritual path. My 1:1 Soul Discovery Mentorship, Mastermind, Group Programs, Retreats, Readings, Classes and Workshops are designed to teach women to connect to source energy, develop and trust their intuition and create joy and bliss in their lives!

Spirituality or Soul Truth is sacred and individual. It is a divine choice. Our soul journey through life is constantly changing and evolving. I am honored to create sacred space for you to explore and develop your unique practice and path!  

This program is about you stepping fully into your purpose work and doing what you came here to do! I'm honored to be able to share what I learned along the way to make your journey as smooth as possible! 

I’m Kelly Grignon; Married, mom of 2, currently in Michigan but my heart belongs to traveling this world to experience all the coffee, beaches and amazing foods it has to offer.  

I tell my clients, “I’m a YOU coach.” I can’t say I’m a mindset coach, or marriage coach or even a business or self-love coach. Those titles never encompass the WHOLE TRUTH. They’re all just pieces and “symptoms” of the work I do with women that want to do things differently in their life.  

This is about you finding what was lost so long ago; buried underneath the bullshit of this messed up world. We will locate that ember that's deep inside and fan the fire back to life.  

We find your truth and pull it to the surface so you can walk, talk, and act like the woman you truly ARE.  

Ditch the mom-guilt. Get rid of the fears that stop you in your tracks all the time. Identify and clear out the places you're compromising yourself because you feel obligated to do/be something.  

This is about YOU deciding to finally understand who you are, why you do what you do, and what it is that you truly desire in this life; to answer the age old questions, "Who am I? and What am I doing here?"  

“The Bridge” is going to give you the directions, a template of sorts, that you get to “input self” to create the business and life you DESIRE. It’s going to help you move forward into the freedom you actually desire to have and avoid taking the long way around to it. Get out of the chaos-phase and start CRUSHING IT!